Should Businesses Use The Same Message To Target The Whole Of Russia, Or Adapt Them By Region?

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I don't think one message for the whole of Russia would work at all. It's just too big. And it's far different audience across the country. For example, you could potentially be successfully selling cheap and reliable used cars in the European part of Russia. Yet, next to the Japanese borders will be flooded with imported next-to-new Toyotas. It needs to be a different message, "Be different, buy Volvo", for example. Or another example, these off-road monsters, they will be a status symbol or an accessory for rich metropolitans, but a domestic must-have car for Siberian oil field workers. So I think the message needs to be fragmented, and markets should be fragmented as much as possible. Russia, in general, is historically an amalgamation of the tens, if not hundreds, of small nationalities and ethnicities. So the cultural background and tradition and even climate zones differ significantly across Russia. So the message should be customized for all these. Plus, I think, in the regions, the residents of the smaller towns, they are much more connected than in bigger cities. And they're more interested in local events and news, rather than in a national news. So tying up their PPC campaign to the local event calendar and local media would be very advisable.

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