Privacy policy - Legal Information

This policy covers WebCertain's use of any data collected from visitors to our website.

Personal Information

On occasion you may be required to enter personal information in order to receive certain services from us. For example, in order to receive WebCertain's educational newsletter you will be required to enter your e-mail address. By doing so you enable WebCertain to provide you with the service you have requested. Any information entered in this manner will be held in the strictest of confidence, and will under no circumstances be passed on to any third parties.


A cookie is a small amount of data, sent by your browser to your computer's hard drive. However your browser only permits cookies to be accessed by the website which sent them, in order to protect your privacy. WebCertain collects cookies for the purpose of more accurately tracking and recording who is visiting our website. This information is strictly anonymous and does not include any personal data whatsoever. They are not linked to any sensitive, personal information such as name, e-mail address, telephone number or mailing address.You can control whether or not you wish to receive cookies in your browser's options.