Do you want to win more business from global markets?

The International Search Summit (ISS), the only event dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges, is heading to Boston again.

This full day event will feature a range of speakers, with expertise in managing international websites and running global campaigns. They will share tips, tactics and advice for improving your online presence in international markets and how to overcome common challenges.

With plenty of Q&A and networking opportunities, attendees will have the chance to ask the questions that matter to them and their business, and leave with the answers they need to drive online global performance.

Why Attend ISS

The International Search Summit remains the only event dedicated specifically to the challenges, twists and turns of managing international websites and running global campaigns. Hear from speakers and attendees as they explain the benefits of attending the event and what they gained from being part of the International Search Summit.

Key benefits include:

  • Truly internationally-focused topics
  • Tactics for expanding your SEO and SEM strategies
  • Technical insights on how to position your brand in international markets
  • Hands-on knowledge from seasoned marketers


Our speaker list for 2019 will be confirmed soon.

Past speakers include:

Andy Atkins-Krüger

Andy Atkins-Krüger

Founder and CEO of Webcertain Group

Andy is a seasoned speaker and brings over 20 years’ experience in international marketing.

More about Andy
Gemma Houghton

Gemma Houghton


Gemma is the Director of Marketing at Webcertain with over ten years experience in international digital marketing and events.

More about Gemma
Tatiana Bashlycheva

Tatiana Bashlycheva


Tatiana is the Senior Manager, US Business Development at Yandex.

More about Tatiana
Josh Braaten

Josh Braaten

Brandish Insights

Josh Braaten is the CEO of Brandish Insights, a Saint Paul-based startup specializing in brand analytics.

More about Josh
Upasna Gautam

Upasna Gautam

Ziff Davis

Pas, short for Upasna, is the Search Lead at Ziff Davis, where she designs and executes organic search strategies for Mashable and PCMag.

More about Upasna
Karen Guglielmo

Karen Guglielmo

Iron Mountain

Karen Guglielmo is the Senior Manager, Global Content Marketing at Iron Mountain.

More about Karen
Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt

Back Azimuth Consulting

Bill is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, which focuses on helping companies understand the Voice of their Customer by aggregating multiple digital signals into actionable insights, product innovation and messaging strategies.

More about Bill
Bill Hunt IV

Bill Hunt IV


Bill is the Search Lead for TripAdvisor Flights, responsible for developing and implementing effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in 27 languages across over 50 countries.

More about Bill
Dan McCourt

Dan McCourt

The Chemours Company

Dan has been building and maintaining global, multi-lingual websites for B2B companies for 18 years.

More about Dan
Aideen O’Donoghue

Aideen O’Donoghue


Aideen joined Google’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin in 2005, working with UK and Ireland clients and agencies across a variety of industries.

More about Aideen


The agenda for 2019 will be confirmed soon.

Below, you can see the 2018 agenda, to give you an idea of the topics likely to be covered at the event.


Registration and introductions


The global digital opportunity

This introductory session will take a look at the opportunities out there for global businesses and share some data and insights about where they lie.

Gemma Houghton - Webcertain



How to effectively expand and grow new international markets

Aideen will share key considerations and practical tips for identifying and harnessing opportunities in new markets as well as strategies for expanding reach and results in existing markets. She’ll also touch on how to remove operational barriers to entry and growth and demonstrate how Google’s MarketFinder tool can help deliver market insights and go-to-market strategies.

Aideen O’Donoghue – Google



Insights into the Russian market and Yandex

Russia has long been an interesting market for international businesses. The unique search platforms and social networks in the country allow for very detailed targeting, but there are several things to consider when targeting the Russian market. Tatiana will look at the Russian online landscape and Yandex as the gateway to Russia. She will also discuss the current trends, how Russia differs from other markets digitally and how businesses can successfully grow their brand in this region.

Tatiana Bashlycheva – Yandex


Coffee break


Underutilized brand measurement tactics that international search marketers are using to unlock 10x growth

Search marketers who serve international companies understand how important and sometimes mysterious branded traffic is to the success of SEO and SEM campaigns. And yet, few of us understand the main factors that lead to the growth or decline of branded search traffic and how it converts. In this presentation, Josh Braaten will demonstrate today’s most underutilized measurement strategies to maximizing international branded search marketing performance. You will learn why brand measurement is the missing tactic in your measurement toolkit and get a list of tools and techniques that you can use to get started immediately. Josh will also share case studies full of data and insights from global brands.

Josh Braaten - Brandish Insights


International voice search: sound, search and semantics

This session will look at how and why global businesses should optimise for voice search. Pas will discuss Google’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) features such as; sound signal processing and speech modelling, and the algorithms that influence Google SERPs after submitting a voice search query. She will also share insights from case studies into the metrics used by Google and how these metrics serve the end-user experience, ensuring that marketers optimize the most relevant parts of their websites. Finally, Pas’ session will cover the precise ways for brands to develop their global content, focusing on the three major categories of voice search namely; need, state and intent.

Upasna Gautam – Ziff Davis


Case Study: Building a b2b global website

The Chemours Company, a recent spin-off from DuPont, will be sharing the key learnings from their website redesign project. The session will cover architecting and deploying global, multi-brand sites, how to deploy staged launches across multiple languages, implementing a new CMS, SEO and strategy considerations and internal stakeholder management. The talk will highlight some pitfalls to be aware of and provide useful tips for anyone undertaking global web projects.

Dan McCourt – The Chemours Company




Missed opportunities in global search

Many multinationals have seen huge successes and major fails in the pursuit of international glory. Drawing on his vast experience, working with some of the biggest global brands, Bill will look at some of these examples and highlight common areas of missed opportunity. He’ll also provide practical tactics and techniques to ensure efficiency and effectiveness across global markets. A fantastic opportunity to hear from one of the most knowledgeable international SEO practitioners in the world.

Bill Hunt - Back Azimuth Consulting


Going Global: Content customization strategies

As any international marketer will know, managing the creation and distribution of content on a global scale is a big challenge. Karen will share insights and strategies for managing this process including how to determine when and how to adapt content for different markets, building collaborations with in-country teams and working with other marketing counterparts to share content in a relevant and engaging way for each audience you target.

Karen Guglielmo - Iron Mountain


The keyword trap: Localization errors that cost

Ranking on the first page won’t matter if customers don’t click on your result, and using the wrong keywords can detract from the true value of your website resulting in you missing out on a significant portion of potential traffic. If you are to build loyalty and trust in global markets, it’s important to localize your site for your international customers. Bill’s session will guide you through the various aspects to consider when developing international keyword lists and provide tips on how to conduct keyword research if you don’t know the language.

Bill Hunt IV- TripAdvisor




Navigating the complex world of geo-targeting and hreflang

For anybody managing global websites, geo-targeting is one the biggest challenges. If you’ve invested in creating localised, relevant content for each target market, you want to make sure it reaches the right audience. This session will investigate the different geo-targeting options available and provide advice on how to determine the right strategy for your business.

Andy Atkins-Krüger - Webcertain


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