International Search Summit London

The International Search Summit will once again take place as part of SMX London

Complementing the agenda of SMX, ISS will keep a focus on search but entirely from an international perspective.

The day will focus specifically on the linguistic, cultural and technical challenges of managing websites in multiple languages and across multiple markets and provides actionable advice and tactics for building an effective web presence anywhere in the world.

We’ll have expert speakers, along with multiple Q&A opportunities to ensure every attendee leaves with the information and solutions they need to improve global search performance.

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Monday 21 May 2018


Why search marketers should care about GDPR

On 25th, GDPR will become law in the EU and impact the way data can be collected, stored and used online. But what will its impact really be for search marketers? David will address this question and provide insights into what will be affected and how to mitigate any risks. He’ll also look at the future implications of this legislation on digital businesses.

David Sayce – Digital Marketing Consultant


Deploying Amazon’s geo-targeting approach to improve global web performance

If you search for a product in the 'wrong' country in Amazon, somehow Amazon manages to correct it and still give you the right result. How do they do this? In this session, Andy will discuss how can you replicate this experience with your own site and with Google, and which tools can help you do so.

Andy Atkins-Kruger – Webcertain


Internationalisation and mobile indexing - keys to a good presence on Google

Targeting multiple countries and making sure that Google knows which pages to index and display for each user, language and country is important. And it doesn't have to be complicated. This session will go in depth into guidelines to make sure you're sending Google the right signals to understand and present your websites to searchers for the right markets and languages.

Juan Felipe Rincón - Google




The secrets to success in Bing today and tomorrow

With growing market share across Europe and the globe, Bing offers huge opportunities. James will share top tips for succeeding internationally with the search engine and best practices that people are not taking advantage of in Bing. He will also look at the growing integration of AI in search and what that means for the future.

James Murray – Bing


Is the digital landscape truly global? A Russian perspective

It’s true that digital technology has made the world a smaller place and that search trends transcend borders; however does that mean that marketers need only look at global trend to determine strategy? Tatiana will take a look at how far global trends apply to the Russian market and what international search marketers can learn from that.

Tatiana Kalinina – Yandex




Search beyond Google: The other search engines

Unsurprisingly Google is the main focus of most search marketers, but there are other search engines to consider when you move out of Western markets. In this session, Jitka will provide insights into how Yandex, Baidu and Naver differ from Google and how to achieve an effective search presence in the countries they serve.

Jitka Jizerova - Webcertain


Lessons learned from deploying search in a large multinational

Achieving scale, managing multiple stakeholders and in-country teams and combining local relevance with global branding are just some of the challenges faced by SEOs in large, global organisations. Nick will give insights into how SEO works in a complex, international organisation. He’ll discuss his approach to achieving scale and consistency, sharing case studies from across the 27 Vodafone and 67 partner markets he looks after.

Nick Wilsdon – Vodafone


Principles of Structured Data Implementation for Large Multilingual Websites

This session will focus on the importance and implementation of structured data across multilingual websites. Sante will discuss how structured data has developed beyond rich snippers and how to create a model of your site with structured data. He will also discuss the challenges of multilingual implementation and share practical tips for implementing a structured data model.

Sante Achille – International Search Marketing Consultant




SEO-Localisation: Merging Translation and SEO to drive global success

We live in a world where speed matters and being agile and quick will set you apart from your competitors. The need to have a slick translation workflow is especially important for companies working within a continuous cycle of content creation, add International SEO into the mix and you have even more layers to cover in a single workflow. In this session, Anna will share insights into how translation and SEO workflows can be combined to provide efficiency and ensure the timely release of optimised, relevant content. She will also present some success stories from real-life projects and global brands.

Anna Milburn – Webcertain


Going global on a shoestring PPC budget

Your goal may be to build a global business, but your budget, unlike your plans, may be limited. This translates to a laser focus on generating leads, not just clicks. Jeroen Maljers will share how digital marketing reporting suite Swydo acquired customers in over 70 countries with a limited budget using PPC tactics including diligently monitoring and optimising campaigns several times a day, testing, leveraging all available PPC platform features and how to beat the competition.

Jeroen Maljers - Swydo


Open Q&A and international search discussion


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etc venues 4-12 Norton Folgate | London E1 6DQ

Etc Venues, London

etc venues 4-12 Norton Folgate


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