Learn How To Win More International Customers And Grow Your Business Globally

The International Search Summit, the only event dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges, is heading to Barcelona for the first time.

This full day event will feature a range of speakers, with expertise in managing international websites and running global campaigns. They will share tips, tactics and advice for improving your online presence in international markets and how to overcome common challenges.

With plenty of Q&A and networking opportunities, attendees will have the chance to ask the questions that matter to them and their business, and leave with the answers they need to drive online global performance. The event takes place entirely in English.

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  • Gary Illyes Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google

    Gary Illyes is a webmaster trends analyst dedicated to creating a better search experience for users by helping webmasters create amazing websites.

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  • Bastian Grimm Director Organic Search/CEO – Peak Ace

    Bastian Grimm is Director Organic Search at Peak Ace and a renowned expert for large scale, international SEO – handling sites of almost any size in highly competitive industries.

  • Mikkel deMib Svendsen Founder/Director of R&D - Waimea Digital

    Mikkel deMib Svendsen is one of the grand old men in the search industry.

  • Michiel Das SEAT’s Global SEO & SEM Manager

    Michiel Das is a Marketing Professional and Branding Specialist.

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  • Pilar Navarro Search Engine Marketing head for EMEA - SAP

    Pilar Navarro is the Search Engine Marketing head for EMEA at the SAP EMEA MEE Digital Marketing team.

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  • Andy Atkins-Krüger Founder and CEO of Webcertain Group

    Andy is a seasoned speaker and brings over 20 years’ experience in international marketing.

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  • Justyna Wilner Director of Know-How, Webcertain

    Justyna is the Director of Know-How and Training at Webcertain and has over 5 years’ experience in managing international and multilingual PPC campaigns.

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  • Christina Xu Senior Business Solutions Manager

    Christina is a multi-award- winning speaker, an ambitious and highly driven senior digital marketing professional.With her extensive knowledge and experience of the Chinese market

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Thursday 5th October 2017
More sessions and a full agenda will be released over the coming weeks


Welcome and Introduction


Russia: How to Localise Your Approach for the Russian Market

The largest internet market in Europe, a growing economy and a population eager for more choice and new experiences. This all makes Russia an attractive target for international businesses. This session will delve into what makes Russia unique and what businesses need to know when developing a digital strategy for this market.

Justyna Wilner - Webcertain


China: Driving Success in the World’s Largest Market

China is an exciting and daunting market for many businesses. There are huge opportunities but only those who understand the complex language, culture and digital landscape will succeed. This session will provide insights and advice on how to succeed and grow your business in China.

Christina Xu - Webcertain




Why SEO and PPC Are Better Together

In many businesses, SEO and PPC are two separate entities; performing different functions, working to different KPIs and managed by siloed teams. However, the benefits and advantages of integrating the two, sharing learnings and strategies are vast and many businesses are seeing the value in doing so. In this session, Pilar and Michiel will share real results from adopting such an approach and insights gained from the process, in both a B2B and B2C context.

Pilar Navarro - SAP

Michiel Das - SEAT


How To Achieve Technical Perfection on A Global Website

There are multiple factors that contribute to global search success. A technically sound website, that provides a great experience to both users and search engines is a vital piece of the puzzle. In this session Mikkel will cover a range of technical factors that can significantly affect performance including global domain strategies, translation and content automation, managing redirects for local visitors, multilingual duplicate content, local social integration and more. He’ll leave you with a list of elements to audit and identify where gains can be made.

Mikkel deMib Svendsen – Waimea Digital




International Site Speed: A Complete Guide To Super-Speed Around The World

Site speed is an important factor for search engines and users alike; a slow site most likely means slow sales and low rankings. Bastian Grimm will share his top strategies for ensuring your site loads as fast as possible, wherever in the world it’s being accessed. He’ll dig into HTTPS and HTTP/2, image formats, custom fonts and AMP, as well as sharing insights into which tools can help when optimising site speed on an international scale.

Bastian Grimm – Peak Ace


Navigating the Complex World of Geo-Targeting and Hreflang

For anybody managing global websites, geo-targeting is one the biggest challenges. If you’ve invested in creating localised, relevant content for each target market, you want to make sure it reaches the right audience. This session will investigate the different geo-targeting options available and provide advice on how to determine the right strategy for your business.

Andy Atkins-Krüger - Webcertain




How to Achieve Global Search Success - Q&A with Google

Gary Illyes from Google will be discussing a range of topics relevant to global search marketers including geo-targeting, optimising for mobile and exploiting opportunities in less-developed markets.

Gary Illyes – Google


Final Q&A and Round-Up

We’ll end the day with an open Q&A, with all of the speakers. This is your chance to ask any questions that haven’t been answered during the day and ensure you leave with all the knowledge and insights you need to take back to the office.


Post-Event Drinks

Don’t rush off! Stay and join us for a drink and more conversation in the wonderful setting of the 1898

*Speakers and sessions may be subject to change

*Additional speakers and sessions will be added


Hotel 1898, La Rambla 109 | 08002 Barcelona Spain

Hotel 1898

Hotel 1898


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