The International Search Summit

The International Search Summit, the only event dedicated entirely to international search marketing topics and challenges, is heading to Barcelona for the 2nd time.

This full day event will feature a range of speakers, with expertise in managing international websites and running global campaigns. They will share tips, tactics and advice for improving your online presence in international markets and how to overcome common challenges.

With plenty of Q&A and networking opportunities, attendees will have the chance to ask the questions that matter to them and their business, and leave with the answers they need to drive online global performance. The event takes place entirely in English.

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May 2018 speakers – November speakers coming soon


Founder and CEO of Webcertain Group

Andy is a seasoned speaker and brings over 20 years’ experience in international marketing.

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Michiel Das is a Digital Marketing Specialist, Entrepreneur and Associate Professor living and working in Barcelona (Spain).

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Jeff Ferguson


Fang Digital Marketing

Jeff Ferguson is the CEO and Founder of Fang Digital Marketing, a boutique digital advertising media agency.

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Johann discovered the power of Search marketing in 2002 and has never looked back.

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Co-founder of searchVIU

Eoghan Henn is the co-founder of searchVIU, a software startup that builds an SEO tool for website migrations.

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Bill Hunt

President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Bill is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, which focuses on helping companies understand the Voice of their Customer by aggregating multiple digital signals into actionable insights, product innovation and messaging strategies.

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Gary Illyes

Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google

Gary Illyes is a webmaster trends analyst dedicated to creating a better search experience for users by helping webmasters create amazing websites.

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Jitka Jizerova

Demand Generation Manager at Webcertain

Jitka is the Research and Demand Generation Manager at Webcertain. She has more than 6 years of experience in international digital marketing.

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Alexandra Kulachikova

Alexandra Kulachikova

Yandex Metrica

Alexandra has more than 9 years of experience in digital-marketing and analytics.

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Jeroen Maljers

Jeroen Maljers


Jeroen Maljers is co-founder and Managing Director of Swydo, a reporting, monitoring and workflow tool for online marketers.

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Marie Mure-Ravaud


Marie is a Senior SEO Specialist at Vistaprint, an e-commerce company that offers custom-printed marketing material.

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May 2018 agenda – November agenda coming soon


Missed opportunities in international search

Many multinationals have seen huge successes and major fails in the pursuit of international glory. Drawing on his vast experience, working with some of the biggest global brands, Bill will look at some of these examples and highlight common areas of missed opportunity. He’ll also provide practical tactics and techniques to ensure efficiency and effectiveness across global markets. A fantastic opportunity to hear from one of the most knowledgeable international SEO practitioners in the world.

Bill Hunt – Back Azimuth Consulting


Optimising for voice search: How and Why

With voice search on the rise, more and more businesses are turning their attention to optimising for voice queries. SEAT is one such company, and Michiel will share some insights and learnings from a project to optimise for voice across 10 European markets, as well as the results of a study comparing Voice Search across UK, US, Spain and Germany.

Michiel Das - SEAT


SEO For Google's mobile-first index & mobile-friendly world

When Google announced that it would be switching to a “mobile-first” index for its search engine results, it sent waves of panic and confusion through site owners and SEOs alike. What did “mobile-first” mean? How would it affect the search engine results for my company and clients? Why was Google focusing on mobile when non-mobile websites still existed?

In this presentation, we’ll be discussing the definition of mobile-first indexing and how it’s different from “mobile only,” why Google is moving towards this strategy, and how to prepare your website on a content, site architecture, and inbound link level for the coming changes

Jeff Ferguson - Fang Digital Marketing


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How to combine brand, PR, content and SEO to future-proof your international search rankings

SEO in the 90’s was mostly about content and fairly simple. In 2000’s the importance of links boomed and so did link spam fighting. In 2010’s it is the SERP that exploded with rich snippets and carrousels. What are 2020’s going to bring for SEO? Vistaprint has taken the bull by the horns and is actively preparing the future of SEO with an integrated approach to Brand / PR / Content / SEO. Areas of consideration include how are Content and PR serving SEO goals? How to take advantage of ever-evolving Serps and semantic search with Content & PR? How to build your Authority and eventually build your brand? In this session, Johann and Marie will go through early learnings, successes and challenges in preparing their global company for the future.

Johann Godey – Vistaprint

Marie Mure-Ravaud – Vistaprint


Search beyond Google: the other search engines

Unsurprisingly Google is the main focus of most search marketers, but there are other search engines to consider when you move out of Western markets. In this session, Jitka will provide insights into how Yandex, Baidu and Naver differ from Google and how to achieve an effective search presence in the countries they serve.

Jitka Jizerova - Webcertain


Going global on a shoestring PPC budget - a B2B case study

Your goal may be to build a global business, but your budget, unlike your plans, may be limited. This translates to a laser focus on generating leads, not just clicks. Jeroen Maljers will share how digital marketing reporting suite Swydo acquired customers in over 70 countries with a limited budget using PPC tactics including diligently monitoring and optimising campaigns several times a day, testing, leveraging all available PPC platform features and how to beat the competition.

Jeroen Maljers – Swydo




Yandex Metrica for SEO and beyond

When it comes to usability, it doesn't matter what search engine you optimise your site for – because, above all, you are doing it for your users. We will talk about how you can leverage the Yandex.Metrica analytics system for SEO. It enables you to check if your site meets all the usability parameters important for search engines, understand the behaviour patterns of your audience, and helps you find out if something goes wrong.

Alexandra Kulachikova – Yandex Metrica


Deploying Amazon’s geo-targeting approach to improve global web performance

If you search for a product in the 'wrong' country in Amazon, somehow Amazon manages to correct it and still give you the right result. How do they do this? In this session, Andy will discuss how can you replicate this experience with your own site and with Google, and which tools can help you do so.

Andy Atkins-Krüger – Webcertain


Moving from a multi-ccTLD to a global gTLD strategy

Determining the most effective geo-targeting strategy for your business is one of the biggest challenges in international SEO. Eoghan will share insights into when it makes sense to consider moving from several country domains to a global strategy with one international domain. He will show some successful examples of such a move, make recommendations for the structure of the new global domain and give some technical advice for the migration itself.

Eoghan Henn – searchVIU


Coffee break


How to achieve global search success - Q&A with Google

Gary Illyes from Google will be discussing a range of topics relevant to global search marketers including geo-targeting, optimising for mobile and exploiting opportunities in less-developed markets.

Gary Illyes – Google


Open Q&A and discussion


Hotel 1898, La Rambla 109 | 08002 Barcelona Spain

Hotel 1898

Hotel 1898


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