International Search Summit Munich

Back for its 9th edition, the International Search Summit will take place as part of SMX Munich.

Complementing the agenda of SMX, ISS will keep a focus on search but entirely from an international perspective.

The day will focus specifically on the linguistic, cultural and technical challenges of managing websites in multiple languages and across multiple markets and provides actionable advice and tactics for building an effective web presence anywhere in the world.

We’ll have expert speakers, along with multiple Q&A opportunities to ensure every attendee leaves with the information and solutions they need to improve global search performance.

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More speakers to be announced soon

Jarazet Altamirano

EMEA Digital Marketing Program Manager, Texas Instruments

Jarazet Altamirano is a Marketing Strategist with over 10 years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies in North America and Europe.

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Founder and CEO of Webcertain Group

Andy is a seasoned speaker and brings over 20 years’ experience in international marketing.

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Bastian Grimm

Director Organic Search/CEO – Peak Ace

Bastian Grimm is Director Organic Search at Peak Ace and a renowned expert for large scale, international SEO – handling sites of almost any size in highly competitive industries.

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Bill Hunt

President, Back Azimuth Consulting

Bill is the President of Back Azimuth Consulting, which focuses on helping companies understand the Voice of their Customer by aggregating multiple digital signals into actionable insights, product innovation and messaging strategies.

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Umay Jones

Umay Jones

International Digital Marketing Strategist - Webcertain

Umay is an International Digital Marketing Strategist at Webcertain. She’s responsible for developing the content for Webcertain’s Know-How platform and training courses on International Digital Marketing.

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Ismail Sisman

İsmail Şişman

Account Manager - Webcertain

İsmail is an Account Manager at Webcertain where he is responsible for developing digital marketing campaigns to help global brands establish an online presence in key markets around the world.

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Izzi Smith

Izzi Smith

SEO Manager - Sixt UK

Izzi Smith is the SEO Manager for Sixt UK and has lived in Munich for over three years since moving from her hometown in Manchester, England.

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Alexandra Kulachikova

Alexandra Kulachikova

Yandex Metrica

Alexandra has more than 9 years of experience in digital-marketing and analytics.

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John Müller

Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google

John joined Google in 2007 and works as a Webmaster Trends Analyst with Google Zürich.

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Monday 19 March 2018


Missed opportunities in international search

Many multinationals have seen huge successes and major fails in the pursuit of international glory. Drawing on his vast experience, working with some of the biggest global brands, Bill will look at some of these examples and highlight common areas of missed opportunity. He’ll also provide practical tactics and techniques to ensure efficiency and effectiveness across global markets. A fantastic opportunity to hear from one of the most knowledgeable international SEO practitioners in the world.

Bill Hunt – Back Azimuth Consulting


Deploying Amazon’s geo-targeting approach to improve global web performance

If you search for a product in the 'wrong' country in Amazon, somehow Amazon manages to correct it and still give you the right result. How do they do this? In this session, Andy will discuss how can you replicate this experience with your own site and with Google, and which tools can help you do so.

Andy Atkins-Krüger – Webcertain


Coffee break


Getting it right: geo-targeting and hreflang

This topic is at the heart of international SEO, as geo-targeting has a huge impact on the success and performance of global websites. Google’s John Muller will dive into the different geo-targeting options available and provide guidance on how to select the best option for your website, as well as how to ensure correct implementation.

John Müller - Google


Yandex.Metrica: How to predict future conversions and double your revenue

Nowadays successful businesses need to use all the data they have available to continually optimize their online activity. Self-learning algorithms find patterns in data that yield business value and provide insights for improving campaign performance. Using case studies from a major online retailer, a DIY store and an airline booking service, Alexandra will demonstrate why and how to use a conversion prediction system and make interactions with your customers more effective and profitable.

Alexandra Kulachikova - Yandex Metrica


International keyword research

Keywords still play a fundamental and vital role in any search campaign. This session will look at the specific considerations needed when conducting keyword research for different markets and languages, as well as the differences between search engine tools and the pitfalls to be aware of.

Umay Jones – Webcertain




International site speed: a complete guide to super-speed around the world

Site speed is an important factor for search engines and users alike: a slow site most likely means slow sales and low rankings. Bastian Grimm will share his top strategies for ensuring your site loads as fast as possible, wherever in the world it’s been accessed. He’ll dig into mobile optimisation, CDNs, AMP, as well as sharing insights into which tools can help when optimising site speed on an international scale.

Bastian Grimm – Peak Ace


How and why to implement agile international SEO

Agile SEO is a process to perform and implement SEO strategies that are quick, efficient, and effective on a large scale. Acting agilely can be especially valuable in a dynamic ever-changing field like SEO where the environment is competitive and volatile due to the constant algorithm changes and multilingual/multi-regional opportunities. Implementing Agile processes helps to see the bigger picture and at the same time focus on the step-by-step progress.

During the talk we'll explore how to manage SEO efforts across different locations, teams and projects through agile and walk through real-life examples on how to implement Agile in Site Migrations (CMS & HTTPS), Site-wide projects and keyword research for multi-regional websites.

Jarazet Altamirano – EMEA Digital Marketing Program Manager, Texas Instruments


Coffee Break


International PPC on a global scale: a case study

There are many considerations when setting up and managing global campaigns, from keywords to ad copy, campaign structure to budgets. Ismail will present a case study of an international PPC spanning 31 countries across 4 continents and provide insights into how to effectively optimise global campaigns to achieve great results and maximise reach.

Ismail Sisman - Webcertain


How to win with featured snippets

Appearing in position 0 with a featured snippet can have a huge impact on search performance. Using international case study examples from Sixt, Izzi will share practical insights into how to generate snippets that will rank and contribute to enhanced search performance.

Izzi Smith – SEO Manager, Sixt


Open Q&A and discussion


H4 Hotel München Messe | 81829 Munich Germany

H4 Hotel München Messe

H4 Hotel München Messe


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