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Why Attend ISS

The International Search Summit remains the only event dedicated specifically to the challenges, twists and turns of managing international websites and running global campaigns. Hear from speakers and attendees as they explain the benefits of attending the event and what they gained from being part of the International Search Summit.

Key benefits include:

  • Truly internationally-focused topics
  • Tactics for expanding your SEO and SEM strategies
  • Technical insights on how to position your brand in international markets
  • Hands-on knowledge from seasoned marketers

Agenda 2020


How language can make or break global online success

Language is always a consideration for global websites or international campaigns, but that doesn’t mean it’s always used effectively – or correctly. Andy will highlight some common mistakes made by global brands when it comes to language usage and implementation and give tips for ensuring that the language you use does not alienate your audience and cost conversions. He’ll also share a checklist to enable you to self-audit your language content and assure quality and relevance across all communications.

Andy Atkins-Krüger – Webcertain


Content marketing beyond borders: How to address a global audience

As communication becomes increasingly globalised and businesses look to drive more efficiency in their content marketing strategies, storytelling needs to stretch beyond borders. In this session, Dorothee will introduce you to the latest trends for content marketing strategies addressing global audiences. She will also share with you what she has learned about the important role cultural differences play in content creation and provide practical advice for meeting the increased demand of local marketeers to quickly localise global content for their individual markets.

Dorothee Biederman - Industry Marketing Manager - Civil Engineering, Autodesk


Brand SEO - is brand performance suffering from our focus on non-branded SEO?

On average, global corporates are capturing less than 30% of their own brand search.. Imagine if Pepsi was capturing 70% of the search for "Coca Cola". Critical, non-ecommerce, brand search categories like investor relations or corporate narrative positioning have a significant impact on a company's bottom line, directly influencing share price or a company's ability to navigate out of a crisis. This presentation will show practical examples of how to leverage brand focused SEO to benefit critical corporate communications.

Jonathan Cole – Director, Brunswick Group


Coffee Break


Intent-Based Content Optimisation for Global Companies

When you take into account natural language and audience, these can differ by country based on cultural expectations. With Google placing more emphasis around Natural Language Understanding (NLU), it’s important to not only match the keywords but the intent for the consumer. This session will look at how global companies need to shift their SEO priorities from keyword-based content optimisation to intent-based content optimisation. Shari will look at how leveraging audience insights can help you make better decisions around your SEO campaigns and where schema mark-up, UGC curation and localisation of content can influence intent-based SEO outcomes.

Shari McConahay – SEO Content Optimisation Manager, Philip Morris International


How to deliver a successful global migration

With over 60 local language websites, Hilti faces many potential pitfalls when rolling out SEO changes globally so migrating all their catalogue links from speaking urls to static urls was a huge project. Gunter will share how the company approached this task from planning to implementation to post-migration monitoring. He’ll discuss the factors which contributed to success and provide tips for any business undergoing a similar project.

Gunter Gabriel – SEO and Content Performance Manager, Hilti


Are you missing social from your international SEO strategy?

Social media and SEO are rarely talked about in the same breath; often managed by different teams with different goals and objectives. But how can and should these two channels work together and what are the benefits to be realised when they do? Daiana will discuss the role social can play in supporting SEO efforts and improving visibility and traffic in the SERPs. She’ll share examples from different markets and tips for developing an effective strategy for your business.

Daiana Damacus - Webcertain




Planning to setup an international SEO team that fits your budget? No problem!

The focus on internationalisation is bigger than ever, but not everyone has deep pockets to build huge SEO teams to nail every single market they're present in. So, let’s look at some tips on how to build SEO teams to win organic traffic internationally, that fits in your budget. We’ll start from a one-man army to help the lean start-ups out there and take this forward to help brands with (almost) unlimited resources/budget.

Nitin Manchanda – Global Head of SEO, Omio


How to achieve global search marketing operational & team excellence

Managing a global team comes with many challenges when you are coordinating efforts across multiple regions. Maria will share with you the operations strategies for Adobe’s in- house search marketing team, which includes supporting team members in 5 major cities (Sydney, Toyoko, San Francisco, London and Paris) and organic & paid search programs across 28 languages and 32 countries. Learn the best way to roll out campaigns globally, launch SEO content locally, adjust efforts for global localisation and some of the best tips about how to communicate wins, tests and strategies from each region. We will also discuss intricates of using engine like Yandex, Baidu, Naver, Google and Bing at scale.

Maria Corcoran – Senior Global Search Operations Manager, Adobe


Coffee Break


Google Q&A

Google’s John Müller will answer questions on all aspects of international SEO and provide valuable tips and insights to improve performance in the global search engines. A great opportunity to get solutions to the challenges facing your team and business.

John Müller – Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google

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2020 Speakers

Andy Atkins-Krüger

Andy Atkins-Krüger

Founder and CEO of Webcertain Group

Andy is a seasoned speaker and brings over 20 years’ experience in international marketing.

More about Andy
Dorothee Biedermann

Dorothee Biedermann


Dorothee joined Autodesk in 2018 as an Industry Marketing Manager. She is working in a global team with a focus on EMEA and is based Munich.

More about Dorothee
Jonathan Cole

Jonathan Cole

Director, Brunswick Group

Jonathan is a Director at Brunswick Group, a global corporate advisory firm specialising in critical communications who service clients in 50 countries.

More about Jonathan
Maria Corcoran

Maria Corcoran


Maria has over a decade of hands on experience creating and implementing successful search marketing strategies for multiple fortune 500 companies.

More about Maria
Daiana Damacus

Daiana Damacus


Daiana’s degree in journalism gave her the writing, research and analytics skills she needs to conduct market research

More about Daiana
Gunter Gabriel

Gunter Gabriel


Gunter is SEO and Content Performance Manager at Hilti Group, where he is responsible for the search performance of over 60 global websites.

More about Gunter
Nitin Manchanda

Nitin Manchanda


Nitin is working as Global Head of SEO at Omio, a Berlin based travel tech. He has consulted for brands from all over the world to improve the UX and organic visibility for their brands.

More about Nitin
Shari McConahay

Shari McConahay

Philip Morris International

Shari McConahay is the SEO Content Optimization Manager at Philip Morris Products S.A., Operations Centre of Philip Morris International, based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

More about Shari
John Müller

John Müller

Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google

John joined Google in 2007 and works as a Webmaster Trends Analyst with Google Zürich.

More about John


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