YouTube marketing

Part 1: How to plan a YouTube strategy

YouTube marketing part 1: How to plan a YouTube strategy

YouTube is the world's most popular video platform, second most popular search engine, and third most popular website. Digital marketers can't afford to ignore this platform and miss out on its huge audience. Fear not, this guide looks at how you can come up with a successful marketing strategy for YouTube, whether you are an international business or not.

What the 'YouTube marketing part 1: How to plan a YouTube strategy' guide offers:

A modern layout

Our guide combines useful information with great design and plenty of videos.

Why you should consider YouTube

The guide looks at the reason you can't ignore YouTube when it comes to your marketing strategy.

A focus on international

How do you plan your multilingual channel model? Find out here!

Practical take-aways

Learn about the ingredients to achieve success when launching a channel, from YouTube themselves!

How to plan your strategy

From your videos' style and content, to creating an editorial calendar, find out what you need to think about.

Professional help to be at the top of your game

The information in this chapter is provided by industry experts.

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