Majority Of Russians Support Online Censorship

60% of Russians think censorship is necessary

A new survey in Russia has shown that over half the population is completely comfortable with the banning of certain websites. The poll, from October, shows that 60% of the country's population believe that the prohibition of some online materials is necessary, whilst only 25% “opposed” such laws. It was also found that over a third of Russians believed that their own country's media deceived them on a frequent basis. These figures have been released as the Chinese government has called for yet more censorship across its country. Authorities there have cited terrorist threats, and increased volumes of 'fake news' online, which allegedly helped Donald Trump win the US Presidential election, as reasons to tighten laws. President Xi Jinping said that he would help “bring about an open, inclusive and secure cyberspace that features…orderly development”. However, this decision has been met with criticism, with Human Rights Watch's China Director Sophie Richardson saying that “China needs more freedom, not less”. 

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