The PageSpeed Insights performance score for mobile rose from 12 to 82.

The PageSpeed Insights performance score for desktop rose from 47 to 94.


Having a fast website is important for both search engine rankings and user experience, and global telecom business TeleForwarding wanted us to improve its website speed performance on desktop and mobile.


Over a twelve-week period, we analysed the Core Web Vitals for Teleforwarding. We used the PageSpeed Insights tool to pinpoint problems with page loading. We captured a score of 12 on mobile and a score of 47 on desktop – both of which are poor results.

Paying careful attention to both mobile and desktop scores, we looked at different recommendations to make a positive impact to the score – with very successful results.

After just three months, we saw a big improvement in the website’s speed on both desktop and mobile!


  1. We updated WordPress to the latest edition.
  2. We installed Redis Cache.
  3. We installed the Autoptimize plugin.
  4. We installed the WP Rocket plugin.
  5. We enabled GZIP in the server.
  6. We compressed and optimised images.
  7. We implemented lazy loading.
  8. We optimised the CSS delivery.
  9. We optimised web fonts.
  10. We added expires headers.
  11. We eliminated render-blocking CSS.
  12. We optimised the JavaScript.
  13. We updated all essential plugins to the latest editions.
  14. We reduced the impact of third-party code.
  15. We reduced server response times (TTFB).
  16. We optimised the critical rendering path.

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