All nine target keywords saw improvements in their ranking positions.

The average ranking change was an increase of five positions.

The most significant ranking change was an increase of eight positions.

Webcertain is obsessive and unique in providing European SEO language coverage for businesses with operations across Europe. I do not know of another agency that has those credentials. In this project, they provided robust research and decisions on keyword selection. We have enjoyed exceptional service from Webcertain over many years – and long may it continue!

James Robinson, Marketing Director, Portakabin.


Our client Portakabin, a leading manufacturer of modular buildings, had experienced a drop in organic rankings and traffic following a website migration project.

Webcertain provided recommendations to help to improve the organic performance of key strategic keywords in order to regain its previous good rankings on Google.


Webcertain identified the most important keywords that Portakabin had seen a loss of rankings for, and then made tactical recommendations on how best to improve performance.

For nine of the keywords, Webcertain recommended entity-based optimisation as the most suitable approach in order to regain rankings.


  1. We selected pages for optimisation, focusing on those with complex or in-between user intent and in need of additional content.
  2. We collected and analysed the search results, competitor pages, Google’s knowledge base, “people also ask” boxes and image search results for the target keywords.
  3. The analysis of the interface of the SERP, as well as the top five results on Google, helped us to identify the user intent.
  4. The analysis of the content from the top five pages helped us to identify the entities and their salience scores, which further made it possible to write content in the most suitable way.
  5. The analysis of the Wikipedia page, as well as Google image search, helped us to identify how Google understood each search term and what other entities they were related to.
  6. The analysis of the “people also ask” boxes helped us to identify what the most commonly asked questions were in relation to each target keyword. Thus, some of these could be used in the content structure.
  7. Based on our findings, we created copywriting guidelines that would enable copywriters to create new content that is optimised for the relevant entities.
  8. We created the new content, reviewed it, and implemented it on the client’s website.