We successfully provided a high-quality on-page SEO service for the Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish markets.

The client was thrilled with both the results of the SEO project and the experience of working with Webcertain.

Embarking on a journey to rebrand and update our websites and SEO, Webcertain has been able to deliver great results within a highly regulated market. The flexibility, communication and deliverables from the team have been key in order for us to launch very local initiatives that improve our overall SEO with relevant content for our customers.

Rasmus Nilsson, Digital Lead – Nordics, Allergan Aesthetics.


Following the launch of new websites in the Nordic markets, the pharmaceutical company Allergan required assistance to optimise its website content for SEO.

It required a solution which was impactful and highly targeted for each of its four target markets: Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Conducting detailed research for each market, Webcertain identified relevant and high-value keywords. We considered the potential of each keyword, as well as how difficult it would be to rank for it. After conducting our analysis, we mapped the most valuable keywords to each landing page.

Following this, Webcertain created engaging and expertly localised meta data using the selected keywords and optimised the on-page content for each market to maximise rankings for those search terms.


  1. We carried out comprehensive keyword research for each landing page. We identified the average monthly search volume and difficulty score for each keyword.
  2. Using the data from the keyword research, we mapped the keywords to the URLs, selecting one primary keyword and two secondary keywords for each URL.
  3. Our team of native digital marketers created localised meta data for each market, using the keywords identified at the keyword research and mapping stages.
  4. Our linguists then optimised key on-page elements for the target keywords, including H1s, body content and image alt tags to help optimise the page for the target keywords.