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Voice and conversational search are on the rise. Gradually, the way people interact with devices and look for information is changing – and those brands who embrace that change and plan for the future will see the greatest success.

Voice Search London has been designed to dig deeper into the topic and provide actionable, tactical advice that businesses can apply immediately and will help to drive traffic and sales both now and in the future.

Attendees will leave with a clearer idea on the benefits of building voice and conversation into a business strategy, explicit advice on how to implement voice-friendly content and new ideas for how technology can be integrated to improve customer engagement and support growth.

There will be presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions aimed at fuelling ideas, sharing experiences and understanding the opportunities there for the taking.

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Why attend Voice Search London?

In this presentation from a previous event, Michiel Das, Global Search Manager at SEAT, explains how and why to optimise for voice search.

Key benefits for attending include:

  • Learn the current capabilities of voice and its impact on the future of search globally
  • Tips for effectively integrating voice into your business and marketing strategy
  • Tactics for successfully optimising for voice technology


Dawn Anderson

Dawn Anderson

Move It Marketing

Dawn Anderson is an international SEO consultant and digital marketing strategist with her agency, Move It Marketing.

More about Dawn
Clark Boyd

Clark Boyd


Clark Boyd is a Digital Marketing and Branding Specialist.

More about Clark
Charles Cadbury

Charles Cadbury

Say It Now

Charles is CEO of Say It Now, a company that automates communications through chatbots and voice assistants.

More about Charles
Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons


Kevin is co-founder and CEO at Re:signal - an award-winning SEO and content marketing agency.

More about Kevin
Tatiana Kalinina

Tatiana Kalinina

International Division at Yandex

Tatiana leads Yandex’s business development efforts in the UK.

More about Tatiana
Serena Mancini

Serena Mancini


Serena is the SEO Team Leader at Webcertain.

More about Serena
Nick Wilsdon

Nick Wilsdon


Nick's been involved in SEO and online marketing since 1998.

More about Nick
Alice Zimmermann

Alice Zimmermann


Alice looks after Google Assistant partnerships in the UK to build great content and useful local actions for the Google Assistant.

More about Alice


Voice Search Conference Agenda

Introduction: The current status of voice search globally and why it matters

Just how big is the voice search opportunity?

Voice search is increasingly seen as a big opportunity for brands to engage with their audience. A new report from Catalyst (GroupM) and ClickZ has found that retailers see it as one of the 3 most significant trends for their industry, both in 2018 and for the next 5 years. Voice search usage is certainly growing, but is it the right kind of usage all businesses? Can brands solve the paradox of screenless search and the need for screens to carry out fundamental online actions? This session will aim to pinpoint the key battlegrounds for online businesses via voice search and suggest innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Clark Boyd – ClickZ

Digital Assistants and Voice: The search engines

Alice and Yandex: The Russian assistant

Hear how Yandex’s own digital assistant is developing and how Western brands should be thinking about voice and conversational search when targeting the Russian market.

Tatiana Kalinina – Yandex

Top tips for building conversational UI on the Google Assistant

As conversational interfaces grow in popularity and customers increasingly crave both immediate and authentic communication, how can businesses adapt to best serve their needs? In this session, Alice will share tips for building conversational UI on the Google Assistant, and how brands can connect with customers directly using Actions on Google and other interfaces. This session will cover opportunities in conversational UI as well as the future of conversation agents.

Alice Zimmermann - Google


Voice beyond search: Building voice into your business

What, why and how: Building Alexa voice devices into your marketing strategy

Nick will share insights into the current voice device market, why Alexa is currently winning, and how brands can use it as a successful auxiliary channel for their marketing efforts. Nick will also discuss the essential elements of a good voice strategy and share examples from original research showing over 30,000 Alexa skills currently available. Finally, he will look at future developments across the voice channel and how brands can prepare for these changes.

Nick Wilson – Vodafone UK

State of the (voice) Nation: Where are we in the hype cycle? Where are we heading? Discussion and open Q&A

We are at the peak of the hype cycle with voice technology. What can we realistically expect from these interfaces today and what is realistic to expect in the future? What are the immediate steps to take advantage of advances in Natural Language Processing and what’s the best practice in using voice as part of the channel mix? Charlie will share some examples of how voice will fit into the mix in our everyday lives in 2025 and beyond, where a lot of the hype is coming from and how much is real. He will then turn fully pragmatic and look at the techniques that can be employed today and examples and metrics of what’s working.

Charles Cadbury – Say It Now

Optimising for voice search

Understanding how the latest voice search research can give your search strategy the leading edge

New research in the field of information retrieval and conversational search is always underway by both search engine research teams and academics. How can we utilise some of this green-field study and theory, in order to translate that into actionable tactics and ensure we are leading the way as early-adopters of voice search and assistive actions? We will look at some of the recent findings around contextual search and assistive search and explore strategic utilisation to get ahead of the pack.

Dawn Anderson - Move It Marketing

How to conduct keyword research for voice search

This session will discuss the differences between conducting keyword research for voice compared to text search, and what factors need to be taken into account when analysing keywords for voice or conversational queries and developing a voice strategy. It will also look at how voice queries differ across markets and the impact that may have on international strategies and campaigns.

Serena Mancini - Webcertain

How to secure voice search results

This session will review how you make sure you’re optimising to rank in voice search results. Looking at efficiencies to get buy-in around how to combine your on-site SEO strategy with featured snippet answer boxes which can rank for common voice search queries.

Kevin Gibbons, Re:signal

Final Panel – Discussion and open Q&A

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