Anna Milburn

Anna Milburn


Anna is a multilingual international digital marketing & translation expert, with experience working with clients across a wide range of sectors and digital channels.

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Christina Xu

Christina Xu

China Marketing Corp

Christina has extensive experience working on digital marketing campaigns targeting China, across platforms including Baidu, 360 Search and Weibo.

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Mona Wang

Mona Wang


Mona is a Media Campaign Manager at Webcertain, where she manages campaigns on a range of platforms including Baidu, Google and Sogou.

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Achieve digital marketing success in China

It's the biggest internet market and one of the largest economies in the world. Chinese web users are more engaged and more willing to spend online than ever before – so the opportunities for international businesses targeting the country have never been greater. However, from search engines to social media platforms to e-commerce sites, the Chinese search landscape is drastically different to any other country, which brings additional complexity.

During this event, marketers and business owners will gain vital insights and information into how to tap into the potential of the Chinese market.

Tips on how to get started in China

Statistics and insights on market opportunity

Tactics for key platforms and channels

Case studies from brands seeing success

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Join us for a full day and learn how to conquer that market, as well as China.

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12.30 PM - 5 PM


Chinese market overview

This introduction will provide an overview of the country and its culture, trends and opportunities for growth and the current state of key industry sectors in the country.

Anna Milburn

Social Media: The wonderful world of Wechat and Weibo

Social media in China looks very different to anywhere else in the world, so understanding the popular Chinese platforms and how to develop a presence on them is vital to achieving any growth or success in the country. We’ll introduce you to the leading platforms, Wechat and Weibo, explaining their key functionalities and the ways in which businesses can use them to engage with a target audience and develop brand awareness. We’ll also look at examples of global brands using the platforms successfully.

Christina Xu

Search: Baidu and beyond

Just as with social media, China has a very unique search landscape and its own search engines dominating the space. We’ll take a look at the biggest search engine Baidu, highlighting some its most interesting features and products and demonstrating how they can support growth in the market. We’ll also touch on some of the other players and how they can also form part of a Chinese search strategy.

Mona Wang

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E-commerce: How to sell online in China

A key part of winning and retaining new customers is ensuring their purchase experience is frictionless and in-line with their expectations, which could be very different from other countries. This section will delve deeper into e-commerce trends and behaviours you need to understand when selling to the Chinese market, as well as popular payment methods you need to have available on your website.

Christina Xu


Your chance to ask any questions you have and find out all of the information you need to get started in this exciting market.

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