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If you have ever translated a PPC campaign in order to target an international market, you will know that the results can be disappointing.

The reason is that translations simply are not appropriate for PPC. To get good results, you must treat your international market as you would your home market, and conduct fresh research from scratch. Fail to do that, and you will miss key opportunities, waste budget and potentially alienate potential customers.

This webinar will explain exactly why you shouldn’t translate keywords and ads, and what you should do instead in order to achieve international PPC success.

What will you learn?

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Why you should never translate keywords and ads

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How to identify successful keywords in your new market

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How to create compelling ad copy that works

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How to localise your ads

Who should attend?

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Digital Marketing Managers

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Head of Marketing / CMOs

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PPC Managers


Olivia Lofts

Account Manager - Webcertain

Olivia is an Account Manager at Webcertain, where she confidently manages clients’ PPC, SEO, content marketing and website development projects. She has solid marketing knowledge and analytical skills, enabling her to offer excellent professional consultancy. Olivia lived in France for ten years, before moving back to the UK to study Law at The University of Manchester, so is familiar with the nuances between different languages. From there, she moved into digital marketing in an account management role, working in a range of industries, providing her with a great understanding of running campaigns across different subjects and audiences.

Elida Sari

Keywords Team Leader - Webcertain

Sari is the Team Leader for the Keywords department at Webcertain. She holds a degree of International Business and Management Studies, minoring in something she truly has a passion for – Marketing. She is an experienced Project Manager who has worked in several different industries related to marketing. She manages a team of Project Coordinators who share the same love for project management that she does. The team covers the linguistic side of SEO and PPC. Sari is originally from Indonesia, has lived in the Netherlands and now lives in the UK.

Rebecca Weinkauf

Project Coordinator - Webcertain

Rebecca is a Project Coordinator in the Keywords department of Webcertain. As a certified Foreign Language Correspondent, she is passionate about language and loves that the work at Webcertain includes clients from a variety of industries. She has lived in Toronto, Los Angeles, and Australia, where she worked in various jobs and industries. Originally from Germany, Rebecca now lives in the UK.


Anna Milburn

Business Solutions Manager and Team Leader - Webcertain

Anna is passionate about building long-term strategic partnerships with clients through advising and consulting. With extensive experience in dealing with complex international digital projects, she enjoys applying her diverse skillset and identifying the best solution for global brands. Familiar with a variety of industries, including travel, education, manufacturing and technology, and a wide range of digital channels, Anna ensures that all clients’ international digital strategies are appropriately adapted to each target market. Having a strong academic background, Anna holds a degree in English & German Philology, a Business degree, and a Law degree.

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