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Traditionally, on-page SEO and translation are treated as two completely separate processes but employing an SEO-localisation, or SEO-friendly translation strategy can result in big cost and time savings, as well as delivering higher traffic, rankings and a great user experience.

Professionally-translated, quality copy, which also reflects how and what your audience is actively searching for, will meet the needs of both user and search engine and increase your chances of success.

Webcertain’s combined expertise in SEO and localisation has allowed us to develop an approach to website localisation that seamlessly integrates search engine optimisation and translation. In this webinar, we’ll look at the benefits of adopting that approach, the various workflows you can utilise and share some success stories for how it works in practice.

What will you learn?

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What is SEO-Localisation?

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How SEO-localisation works

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The evolution of an SEO-localisation workflow

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Building your localisation quality assurance toolkit

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Lessons from winning brands: localisation success stories

Who should attend?

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Digital marketing managers

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SEO specialists

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Head of Marketing / CMO

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Translation and localisation managers


Anna Milburn

Business Solutions Manager & Team Leader - Webcertain

Anna is a multilingual international digital marketing & translation expert. Familiar with a variety of industries, including travel, education and software, and a wide range of digital channels, Anna ensures that all clients' international digital strategies are appropriately adapted to each target market. Anna possesses qualifications and hands-on experience in training & training delivery, public speaking, translation & localisation, international SEO, social media and PPC. She also has a strong academic background in Linguistics & Translation (English & German languages), Business Management (business degree, major in marketing) and employment law (law degree).

Neilkriss Middlebrough

Business Solutions Executive - Webcertain

Neilkriss is a Business Solutions Executive at Webcertain, specialising in Translation. He has years of experience in Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting, working with clients in the Manufacturing, Engineering, Technology, Finance and Legal space. Neilkriss is originally from the Philippines and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications. Now based in the UK, he balances a full-time career in Digital Marketing and Translation, offering his clients bespoke and target market focused solutions, alongside pursuing his interests in creative entrepreneurship.

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