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International Design, Global Website service

International Design, Global Website

Designing internationally-focused websites

You know the opportunity is out there.  The research says it’s a global opportunity and, rather than leave the wider world open for a copycat competitor, you really want to be able to add countries and languages rapidly as and when you roll out.    And that means taking account of international needs right from the outset in the website design concept.   It also means enabling a system which can accommodate the translation process later at minimum cost.

International Website DesignYou’re in the right place.  There’s some cultural, some linguistic and some technical issues to think about, but don’t worry, we’ve “thought” about them all before.  In fact, we have a solution for each of those which can really help you reach the four corners of the world at a lower cost than you expect.

Let’s take a look briefly at each in turn starting with “culture” and design where there’s some practical common sense needed – and some cleverness.  Common sense means learning from experience that a design has to accommodate some differences to cope with language structures.  So, for instance, Arabic websites run right-to-left instead of left-to-right and German words tend to run longer for headings.  Now a designer who knows that, who has worked in an agency which has produced websites in multiple languages since 1997 will make sure that all the obvious issues are accommodated in the design – won’t they?  (Clue: Webcertain started in 1997).  Even if you’re only producing a single language website now, this simple step can avoid significant re-build and re-design costs later.

But culture also means considering that the number “4” is unlucky in Asia and that purple sometimes represents mourning and sometimes madness.  This involves some research.  Webcertain has a research team which produces guides on how to produce websites for different markets – so that can be helpful and cost effective. (Clue: Webcertain’s website guides are free to customers).

Then there’s all those dreadful foreign character sets, accents and diacritics to worry about.  Well have no fear.  We operate in 44 languages in-house and ALL of our divisons have native speakers of various languages from around the world.  So this aspect will be taken easily in our stride – we promise.  (Did we mention that one of our divisions is a translation agency so you can do everything in one go?)

Designing Global WebsitesNow for the technical stuff (rubs hands in glee).  Like all technical stuff it’s all very complicated unless you speak the jargon – and we do.  We know how to worry about SEO and language translation technologies at one and the same time.  So when we’re encoding in UTF-8, we know that’s going to work for search engines AND translation systems.  We cheat of course, since we built a content management technology of our own to handle this rather than relying on others less focused on international projects.

We firmly believe we make life simpler and safer for internationally-focused clients!  Now how does Webcertain pull off that trick?

  • You could put that down to our single-minded focus on projects of an international nature.  Everything we do is internationally-minded or will become so in the very near future
  • And since our experience is almost exclusively international, we don’t even see international issues as challenges – they are simply what we deal with every day
  • Having a multitude of nationalities on the team means we actually live and breathe in an international environment everywhere from the coffee machine, to at the workstation and in the meeting room!
  • You may have already discovered that we run our training school in Barcelona – the International Marketing School.  All of our top people are practitioner-tutors – which simply means they practice what they teach
International Design, Global Website service

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