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The Turkish language: an introduction

The Turkish language is technically an Altaic language. This means that it is unrelated to any European languages but is similar to languages within the former Soviet Union - such as Kazakh.

How many speakers are there of the Turkish language?

60 million people in Turkey are Turkish speakers. There are also 2 million Turkish speakers in Germany and communities in many other countries.

What Turkish language issues do I need to watch out for?

Originally written in the Arabic script, Turkish now uses an alphabet of 29 characters. Turkish has a feature not seen in European languages known as 'vowel harmony'. This causes additional issues for search marketers as it changes the shape of words and creates multiple varieties since it extends and increases the impact of inflection.

Which major search engines are important to Turkish speakers?

Turkey is one of the few places where Google is actually becoming less popular. Although still by far the dominant force in search with 96% market share, rival search engine Yandex has increased in popularity by a staggering 407% in the last year alone. This may currently put them at just 2.1% of the market share (or 6%, if you choose to believe Yandex themselves), but if their popularity continues to increase at such a rampant rate, Google could see their dominance seriously corroded.

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