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Korean - Most Web Connected Language?


The Korean language: an introduction

Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea, the latter of which is reputed to be the most web-connected country in the world today.

How many speakers are there of the Korean language?

70 million people in Korea speak Korean. There are at least another 5 million speakers in other countries around the world.

What Korean language issues do I need to watch out for?

Korean is unusual for Oriental languages in that it has a true alphabet known as ''Hangul' which consists of 24 letters, rather than a set of thousands of characters. This was introduced by Sejong the Great in 1443. (The alphabet was designed according to the principles of yin and yang and vowel harmony apparently.)

Which major search engines are important to Korean speakers?

Competition is tight between local search engine Naver and Google Korea, with the former recently falling behind the latter for the first time ever in terms of usage. At 43% and 49% market share respectively, however, Naver is far from out of the game.

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