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The Tagalog language: an introduction

Tagalog is the official - although not the only language - of the Philippines. Filipino, which is the national language of the Philippines, is a dialect of Tagalog.

How many speakers are there of the Tagalog language?

The vast majority of the population of the Philippines understand Tagalog giving more than 96 million people - but it is the mother tongue of just 28 million people.

What Tagalog language issues do I need to watch out for?

Tagalog uses cases unusually - not relying on the nominative and accusative cases as in European languages. Tagalog has 20 Latin characters and Filipino has 28 - to accommodate borrowings of foreign words.

Which major search engines are important to Tagalog speakers?

In a population that exceeds 100 million, more than two thirds have yet to come online. While there are several geographic, infrastructural and socio-economic factors preventing internet adoption from really taking off in the Philippines, the introduction of ever cheaper smartphones from predominantly Chinese manufacturers is helping spur online growth. Google Philippines is the dominant search engine, with 89% market share.

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