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International Digital Marketing Performance Improvement service

International Digital Marketing Performance Improvement

Combining your data and our expertise to drive your business forward

Did you hear that everything is going digital and that the slice of marketing budget which will be invested in digital channels is about to go through the roof?  Sounds dangerous and in fact it is.  The problem with rapidly expanding techiques – including many of the newer approaches in international digital marketing – is that there’s relatively little information about how they work,  if they work and how they should be mixed.  It can also be more difficult to manage them at scale.

Strategy - Performance Improvement 1You do need to have good data, of course, to make great choices and you also need some high level skilled individual consultants to make sense of it all.  And you need to be able to deliver a significant level of support, understanding and patience when an organisation – and a big one at that – just doesn’t have its data flows set up to deliver great insights.  (We can help change that, of course, but that’s not really the point).

Marketing experience and grasping your core business model are essential for us if we’re to give you good advice data or no data.  Fortunately, we have that in droves.  Our senior team has many decades of senior level marketing experience in every vertical from travel and publishing to technology and construction; from B2B to consumer marketing.

This experience counts because often the message is the same regardless of the channel.  For sure the medium is also part of the message and there are some strategic impacts delivered by developments particularly in the social media area which need to be carefully thought through.  It’s also true that having an in-depth understanding of how the channel works makes a big difference.

Strategy - Performance Improvement 2And experience also means having had the opportunity to experiment in that channel before – whether it’s retargeting, RTB, display, SEM, SEO, social or affiliate marketing, our team will have played in that space before and seen how it works for different clients and different business models.

And online offers us a great opportunity to get to know your customers by analysing your data without you even having to do very much – apart from give us access of course.  We already have a wide range of analysis tools and technologies at our disposal which we can use to dipstick your market and project forwards which channels will provide the greatest leverage on your behalf.

So, how does Webcertain deliver its international digital marketing consultancy services?

  • To begin with, we need to get to grips with your issues and to understand them almost as well as you do
  • Then we need to analyse your experience to date – but don’t worry we can mostly use tools to undertake this analysis
  • Mostly, we’ll want to have a VERY close look at your competitors to see what they’re up to!
  • And then we want to put your customers under our data microscope and figure out what makes them tick – in your direction – or not
  • Finally, we piece the puzzle back together again and give you the low down on what’s what
International Digital Marketing Performance Improvement

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