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If you’ve got a website, you want it to rank highly in the search engines – and simply translating your current site into other languages will not guarantee it a place in the local search engines of your target market.

Webcertain offers the unique SEO-Localisation service which combines translation with search engine optimisation to provide accurate website translations and SEO-friendly content. SEO-Localisation is carried out by professional translators and native SEO specialists to deliver accurate, relevant content of the highest quality.

By combining the two processes, the finished translation also includes optimised on- and off-page content with relevant keywords to ensure your site can be both found and understood by your target audience.

SEO Localisation is…

Efficient – The translation and SEO are conducted concurrently, rather than subsequently speeding up the completion of the project.

Cost-Effective – By using one agency and a combined process, the overall project costs are reduced.

Easy to Manage – One single point of contact to co-ordinate all aspects of the project and manage communication flow.

Who is it for?

Any organisation with a website that has not yet been localised! SEO-Localisation is suitable for any website, whether it has 5 or 500 pages and is designed to streamline processes. It enables you to get more for your translation budget and reduce the time it takes for your website to start attracting visitors and generating leads.

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