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What Are Newsfeeds?

Newsfeeds are a means of providing users with frequently updated content from your website. They allow subscribers to the feed to see when new content has been added to a site, and to read the new headlines without visiting the actual site. So they actually have two benefits - they create regular, fresh, search engine friendly content on your site, as well as allowing users to subscribe and receive the news directly to their inboxes or blogs.

Benefits of a Newsfeed

  • In terms of SEO, they are a good addition to your site as they regularly update content.
  • They are eye-catching and provide a point of interest for visitors, making them more likely to return to your site.
  • Anyone can view the feed, but for them to receive it, users need to actually subscribe to the feed - therefore your news will only be reaching those who have shown an interest in your site.

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