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International SEO Case Study

How WebCertain improved the global online presence of Tensar


Tensar International Ltd is a worldwide leader in the manufacture and provision of soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation solutions. The company was founded in the UK in 1952 but was purchased by US company Tensar Corporation in 2006. Tensar is a truly global business, with manufacturing plants in the UK, US and China and sales offices in Germany, UK, US, China and UAE.

Tensar currently has websites in 12 different languages.

The challenge

Tensar has been established in the UK and US for many years, and is a well-known brand in those markets. However, the company wanted to expand into markets where it was not known, and needed an online marketing agency to help it increase its presence and visibility in those markets. Tensar needed to develop an effective SEO strategy to improve search engine rankings and visitor numbers in its non-English speaking markets - France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Spain, China, Denmark and Hungary. It also needed a means of communicating with its agencies in the different markets, as language barriers were proving difficult to overcome.

The Solution

Tensar chose WebCertain because it could offer support in all the languages and markets Tensar was targeting. WebCertain's combined its search expertise and local, cultural knowledge and language resources to enable it to assess the current performance of Tensar's network of websites and take steps to improve this.

The Execution

WebCertain carried out a technical audit across all of Tensar's language sites to identify which were the weakest areas and which improvements needed to be made. Once this was complete, WebCertain's search specialists in each language then worked on the individual sites. Keyword research was conducted and optimisation code written to ensure that Tensar was targeting the most appropriate keywords, and those most likely to be used by its target audience. Page edits were also carried out on existing pages to optimise their efficiency and target popular keywords. A link building programme was also implemented where required to boost the number of local links pointing at the site, an important factor in search engine algorithms.

The Results

Tensar saw their rankings increase in all target markets. Between January and May 2009, the German site - - saw an increase of 60% of the targeted keywords ranking in first place and the number of keywords in the top ten results increased by 50%.

As well as improved rankings, the number of visitors to the various site also increased.
In the same period, visitors to the Russian site - - increased by 125% and the Polish site - - saw 52% more visitors.

In some countries, Tensar relies on local agencies to implement the changes to their websites, and WebCertain has provided the language and technical resources to communicate with local agencies, such as one in China, to explain the required actions and answer any queries.

Lisa Thornton, Marketing Executive at Tensar says, "WebCertain's knowledge and expertise in the different markets has enabled us to increase our online presence in those markets and improve the performance of our website. This heightened visibility has lead to more interest in our products from around the world. Being able to work with just one agency for all languages has made communication efficient and transparent and the process cost-effective and consistent".

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