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Interpreting, Typesetting And Research


At Webcertain Translates we speak your language. And we speak their language too! Whatever your sector, we can provide interpreting services that help you get your message across, build relationships and increase profits worldwide.

Experts in both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, we can give you a voice that speaks with confidence, clarity and care, allowing you to avoid cultural pitfalls and ensure productive partnerships.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreters work with you, acting as your voice and ears in different languages. Ideal for business meetings, press conferences, negotiations, legal consultations and social events, consecutive interpreting involves the translation of the speaker's words during a pause after each sentence or small phrase and does not require the use of audio equipment.

At Webcertain Translates our highly experienced, professional interpreters can help you get your message across precisely and accurately, ensuring you speak with confidence in multiple languages. When every word counts, our consecutive interpreters can be the difference between success and failure.

Simultaneous Interpreting & Equipment

With simultaneous interpreting there can be no half-measures, every word counts and it takes a special kind of intelligence to get it right. Our skilled interpreters allow you to have a conversation in multiple languages, build relationships and raise your profile across the world.

Simultaneous interpreting is a specialist skill that takes years of experience to master. Also known as conference interpreting, in this format the interpreter provides a spoken translation in the target language at the same time as the speech is being delivered continuously in the original language. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth, listening through headphones, and relays the translation via a microphone to delegates equipped with headsets.

For information on a complete solution, from interpreters to equipment, please feel free to contact us and we will put together a package that fits your requirement.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing & Typesetting

Translation adds an extra dimension when it comes to desktop publishing. Languages may contract or expand when translated. They may use different characters and alphabets or even flow in a different direction. All these changes need to be accommodated in print. Without skilled typesetting and experienced multilingual desktop publishing, your documents, newsletters, brochures and sales literature could be harming your brand.

At Webcertain Translates we offer efficient, cost-effective desktop publishing and typesetting services. We're experts in the use of all DTP software packages, from Quark, InDesign and FrameMaker to Illustrator, CAD and PageMaker. We can ensure your documents look great in any language.

Desk Research

What happens if you want to contact your suppliers in Bulgaria and you don't have a native speaker among your staff? What do you do if you need to search the net in Chinese or Norwegian? How do you get to the bottom of a problem over the phone to Japan, Italy, or Brazil?

At Webcertain Translates we can provide flexible, multilingual research and translation services that help you communicate with your partners, stakeholders, employees and suppliers fast. Our researchers can get you the information you need and help you find a solution to everyday problems or complex business issues.

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