Competitor Review

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Competitor Review

Webcertain's competitor review is designed to give clients an understanding of how their websites are performing in comparison to their key competitors and offers insight into the specific country market to help aid marketing strategy decisions.

The review analyses the key SEO factors that impact on a website's performance, including:

  • Website analysis - comparison of IP location, page rank and alexa rank.
  • Home page analysis - including keywords, headings, meta-content, alt tags
  • Link analysis - comparison of both internal and external links
  • Keywords - which pages rank for the top keywords across the various websites and which competitors rank highest for the top keywords. The review also includes recommendations on important keywords.

The review is useful in highlighting the areas of strength and weakness on both the client's and competitors' websites and presents clear actions to be taken in order to improve performance.

Marketers often find that whilst they may be performing better than competitors in some markets, they struggle in others - Webcertain's competitor review will explain the reasons and reveal improvements which should be made.

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