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The Bulgarian language: an introduction

Bulgarian is a Slavic language which uses the Cyrillic alphabet best known for the Russian language. In fact, the alphabet was first developed for the Bulgarian language - a former literary language of central Europe.

How many speakers are there of the Bulgarian language?

Most Bulgarians speak Bulgarian - around 7 million speakers in total - but there are some 3 million speakers in other countries around the world taking the number to 10 million speakers in total.

What Bulgarian language issues do I need to watch out for?

Bulgarian is a particularly complex language for search marketers in that it has many of the issues which have given Google some difficulties in Russia - and then some... For instance, Bulgarian adds definite and indefinite articles to the end of the noun.

Which major search engines are important to Bulgarian speakers?

Google Bulgaria dominates the search engine landscape, with a whopping 96% of the market share.

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