Weibo account set-up

Ensure your account is set-up correctly to avoid a negative impact on your brand

Rapidly boost your online presence in China and around the world

There are very few social media platforms in the world that can literally connect you with millions of people in any given day quicker than Weibo. Sina Weibo is a Chinese micro-blogging platform that can help you reach new customers and promote your brand. Chinese users tend to make most of their lifestyle choices online creating a huge potential for very personalised campaigns due to Weibo's advanced targeting features. If used correctly, you will increase your reach, boost sales and improve your profit margins. We will set-up an account for you and ensure that it's compliant with Chinese laws. Having a Weibo account that is correctly set-up ensures that you avoid service disruptions from your account being blocked as this will have a negative impact on your business.

Weibo account set-up can help...

  • 1

    When you want to engage with your Chinese customers in China and around the world quickly.

  • 2

    When you want Chinese users to get access to your content in their language.

  • 3

    When you want an improved relationship and trust with your Chinese followers and/ or customers.

  • 4

    When you need help creating a Weibo business account that is compliant with Chinese laws.

  • 5

    When China is a key target market for your brand.

  • 6

    When you want to boost customer service and brand loyalty in the region.

  • 7

    When you want to raise brand awareness or manage your reputation.

  • 8

    When you need better monitoring and customer research.

Why Weibo account set-up?

Weibo is a Chinese micro-blogging platform that is considered a hybrid between Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the most popular social media sites in China with users twice as active as those on Twitter. Weibo is also one of the quickest ways to boost your brand's online presence and reach Chinese users around the globe. If you are an international business and China is a key market for you, having a Weibo company account can help you build or improve relationship and trust with your Chinese followers and customers. This will enable you to establish and maintain a vibrant social presence in this market.

One of our native Chinese experts will set-up a Weibo business account for you and ensure that it's compliant with Chinese laws. We also offer a separate service for adding fans and reaching celebrity postings to help you rapidly boost your online presence in the region and reach your Chinese audience around the world.

How Weibo account set-up works

In order to set-up a Weibo profile for your company, we will ask you for some basic information about your company. This information will be passed onto our experienced Chinese local team. They will set-up a Weibo account for your company and will ensure that your account and settings meet Chinese and Weibo standards. The Chinese law requires that websites liaising with Chinese users are registered. You will be appointed an account manager who will find out if your website is compliant.

The end result for you is a fully set-up Weibo account that is compliant with Chinese laws. This will greatly boost your company's online presence in the country.

This is a Weibo account set-up service only. This does not include posting or developing content for your account.

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