Douban Account Management


This service will allow you to connect with your Chinese audience via the social platform Douban by interacting within the forums and adding to the conversations already taking place. It will enable you to monitor your brand reputation within the site. This will also enable you to learn what your Chinese customers are talking about and allow you to actively promote your company in an indirect manner.

Here’s when Douban Account Management can help!

  • 1

    Actively communicate and enage with your Chinese market

  • 2

    Discover what the Chinese market is talking about in regards to your brand and your industry

  • 3

    Acheive higher levels of engagement with individual users

  • 4

    Increase Brand Awareness

Overview is the Chinese social website which is a little different from the rest. Its users use the social platform like a forum, where they can come together to discuss popular topics and discover new things. A variety of topics are discussed including films, books, music and recent events. As of 2013, this platform boasted 200 million monthly active users.

Douban is an essential way to connect to the Chinese consumers who are actively talking about your company, as well as creating new conversations with them. This service will enable you to manage your reputation and boost your brand awareness in the Chinese market.

This service includes the set up of an account on Douban, as well as the active management of the social account. We would answer any user questions and respond to any posts made about the company. This service is a balance between proactive and reactive posting. A service that finds the users who are talking about you and talking back to them.

Quality process

The process begins by completing a briefing questionnaire, which will allow us to clarify your social strategy needs. This briefing will be visable to all the team members invovled with managing your accounts and is the foundation for all our quality checks.

Any additional information in support of managing these accounts should be sent in with the briefing. This can be anything from a company calendar, standard answers to queries or guidelines about the company to help direct the management of the account.

For any reporting with statistics about your website, we will require access to your website anayltics.

One of our social media strategists will then create your account, personalise as directed and pass on any details to you. Our team will begin your company's assessment on the site as it currently stands.

Next we will begin to listen to what the users are saying about your company/product and begin to proactively post back. We will also begin to create regular forum threads on different topics (you may specify these topics and content) and begin to engage with the comments/questions that are posted in response.

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