Social Media

Post Creation for Social Media Networks

Social networks are a place that your business or brand simply need to be present. We’ll create new and engaging posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to guarantee fresh, up-to-date content. A social media specialist and native speaker of the target language will deliver this service.

Social Media Post Creation

It is important to respond to posts on your social media profile as quickly as possible to maintain a good public image and build relationships with your audience/customers by providing good customer service. With this service, one of our native specialists will identify, translate and respond to any comments posted on your profile by users. This will give you an active and responsive social media profile, even when you do not have the necessary linguistic resources in-house.

Social Media Execution

Social media is hugely popular around the world and therefore the online social sphere is somewhere that your business or brand simply needs to be present to help your business to grow and to develop relationships with your customers. Our social media specialists will work with native speakers of your target languages to execute your social media strategy and build your international social presence in line with your guidelines.  

Social Media Campaign Development

We will assess the content you want to promote through social media campaigns and make recommendations for your social media campaign based on best practice and our experience on the targeted markets and industries. A social media specialist and native speaker of the target language will deliver this service based on your goals and requirements.

Facebook Page Monthly Management

Facebook Ad Creation

Facebook is the world’s leading social network, with over 1 billion users worldwide. In order to run an effective advertising campaign on the network, you should create adverts that target users by gender, age, location and interests. We will create relevant and engaging Facebook ads for you in your target language.

Social Community Engagement

In order to engage and understand your audience, and to boost your social profile, it is important to engage with the online community on that platform, particularly the users who are relevant to your business. Based on a list of agreed topics, themes and existing profiles, a social media specialist will find appropriate content and people to interact with on a regular basis.

Social Media Campaign Report

It is important to understand how users interact with your social media profiles, as understanding your audience will help you to tailor your future social media updates so that they can have maximum impact. This service offers a full analysis of your social media profile or campaign, with our social media specialists providing you with a detailed report of your top activities and user engagement.

Social Media Network Management

We will manage your social network page, optimising your profile, finding influencers and monitoring comments posted on your page and engage with your users in their native language.

Twitter Social Influencer Discovery

It is important to know your market’s biggest online influencers as this will inform you of who to approach to boost your online marketing campaign. This service will identify the key influencers in your market on the social network Twitter. This information will be delivered to you with URLs, Twitter Handles and contact details (if available).

Weibo Page Management

Weibo is one of the most popular social media sites in China. We will manage your Weibo page, by adding new posts, monitoring activity and engaging with users. You will receive a report each month which details all of the activity generated by the posts, including likes, shares and comments. This service covers the management of one Weibo page.

Post Creation for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the world’s leading professional social networks, which means that it is an important platform when targeting a global audience. We’ll create new and engaging posts to guarantee fresh, up-to-date content. A social media specialist and native speaker of the target language will deliver this service.