SEO Surveillance

We offer an SEO Surveillance service which provides daily monitoring of your SEO traffic, click through rates (CTRs) and visibility rankings. Upon finding any significant drops or spikes in performance we will send you an alert to make you aware of the problem. We also provide a monthly report to summarise both positive and negative changes seen throughout the entire month.

SEO Adobe Analytics Reporting Consultancy

If you are using the website analytics and tracking tool Adobe Analytics (Omniture) to analyse your SEO strategy, it can be useful to have an expert on hand to help you get the most out of it. An SEO analyst will provide you with consultancy on Omniture to help with analysing how users enter from organic search engines and navigate around your site, as well as detail your visitors’ technical and geographic data.

Yandex Metrica Set-Up

Yandex Metrica provides detailed statistical data about your website’s traffic and conversions. Understanding how people interact with your website can help you to identify areas of your website that need improvement, as well as track the progress of your SEO/PPC campaigns. We will set up a Yandex Metrica account for your company, selecting the appropriate settings for your website. You will receive the log in details for your Yandex Metrica account.

Naver Analytics Basic Set Up

Naver is the dominant search engine in South Korea, with over 75% market share. Creating a Naver Analytics account allows you to monitor and analyse your website’s PPC traffic volumes and visitor behaviour. A PPC specialist will set up a Naver Analytics account for your website and provide you with a tracking code that you will need to place on your website.

Unica Tracking Set Up (Per Domain / Country)

Unica is a web analytics and tracking tool that tells you how people are behaving on your website. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to website development as it tells you what needs improving and what is working well. One of our web analytics specialists will set up a Unica tracking account for your website. You will receive the log in details and the tracking code to put on your website.

Installation of Google Analytics and Goal Configuration

Google Analytics provides detailed statistical data about your website’s traffic and conversions. We will set up a Google Analytics account for your company and configure the tracking code for your website, making sure that the (up to 3) goals and the data in the reports are meaningful for your business. Please note that this service is for one Google Analytics account/property/view per country.

Bing Ads Campaign Analytics Setup

When set up properly, Bing Ads Campaign Analytics can help you to understand how users interact with your website, which can be very useful when tracking the progress of your PPC campaigns on Bing Ads. We will set up a Bing Ads Campaign Analytics account and goals for your website, based on the needs of your business and the technical aspects of your site.

Global Central Analytics Review

Global Central Analytics is an analytics tool that allows you to bring multiple data sources together and provides key insights that help you to measure valuable metrics and increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Your dedicated account manager will call you on a monthly basis to review performance and highlight the key insights and trends shown in your analytics data. They will also provide recommendations on which actions you should take each month to improve global online performance and ROI.

Heatmap Recording

Heatmaps allow you to find out what your website visitors click on, what they don't click on and how much time they spend looking at certain areas of your site. We will configure the heatmap tool so that it is recording the activity on the page for the device of your choice. Please note that this service is for the set up for the heatmap tool only, and does not include the analysis of any data collected. 

Yandex Webmaster Tools And Geo-Targets Set-Up

Yandex Webmaster Tools access gives you valuable insights into how your website is being crawled and indexed by this Russian search engine. We will set up a Yandex Webmaster account for your website, and will also ensure the correct geo-targeting settings are applied. Your log in details will be delivered to you via email.