Yandex.Direct Introduces Extended Text Ads

Yandex has announced the introduction of Extended Text Ads, or ETAs, to Yandex.Direct. The move follows the introduction of Extended Ad Titles in 2015, which allowed advertisers to add the first line of ad text to the title; something which increased click-through rates for advertisers by around 3%. However, this change resulted in the shortening of Ad Text messages. In order to help advertisers impacted by this, Yandex has now enabled the use of two Ad Titles and more characters of text. The company is still testing the effectiveness of the new ETA format, but it has already proven to increase click-through rates by 5% on desktop and 10% on mobile. Yandex also announced that advertisers' Google AdWords campaigns can be transferred into the new Yandex format as well, using CSV files.