Yandex Search Data Reveals Importance Of Mobile

Yandex has released data outlining queries by time, date and device, showing that tablets are leading the way at peak times. As expected, the data shows that during work hours, with users sat at their desks in an office, the most popular devices are desktops, with most searches on PCs being made on Mondays. The data shows that during the week, desktop searches see a drop off around 7pm or 8pm, making way for a surge in tablet and phone searches. Queries made from mobile devices peak at way above average during the evening, with tablets seeing the most usage, but with smartphone use continuing later into the night. Yandex's data also shows that on weekends, particularly on Sundays, tablets see a much higher increase than desktops. The company says that this data may push advertisers to adapt their timing strategies, to fit search patterns in the query schedules, such as increasing mobile ads during weekends.