Why should you combine SEO and translation?

Does this seem familiar? You translate your website – that's great. But the SEO is awful – that's not so great. You insert the SEO keywords, but then it sounds like something written by a robot, so you need to rework the translation. You feel like you're losing time, money and patience. Stop! There's an easier way and it's called SEO-localisation. SEO-localisation combines translation and SEO into one super-efficient workflow. SEO keywords are inserted into the text as it's being translated, resulting in SEO-friendly content that sounds natural. By combining the two processes into one, it saves time, cost and effort. It also results in higher traffic and rankings. It ensures a great user experience too, which is more likely to result in conversions. And as it's an agile process, it can support continuous delivery cycles. Sounds great! So, how do you set up an SEO-localisation workflow? This is video explains all.