Weibo Surpasses Twitter For User Numbers

The Chinese social network Weibo now has more users that Twitter, for the first time ever. After Twitter suffering a small drop in users in 2016, it has since struggled to recover to the same level of growth as Weibo. Now, Weibo can boast 340 million users per month, with Twitter only achieving around 330 million. The difference in user numbers could be down to the fact that Twitter is banned in China, one of the world's largest digital markets. Meanwhile, Line is experiencing a fairly sharp decrease in monthly active users after losing 6 million of them since Q4 2016. However, the company claims that it is not in trouble, as its user base has actually increased in its four major markets of Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Currently, the messaging app makes most of its money from services such as Line Pay, Line Music and Line Moments, all of which continue to perform well.