Weibo-Nielsen Deal To Give Advertisers More Data

Marketers in China have had a significant boost after Weibo agreed a deal with data management firm, Nielsen. The new deal will enable marketers to see if their advertising campaigns on the social media site, are reaching their intended targets. According to Nielson, it will provide a digital measurement ratings standard, created from data taken from Weibo itself. The two businesses will work alongside Tencent, to develop a means of being able to more accurately measure ROI. According to Wang Yajuan, vice-president of Sina Weibo, the new system will “establish metrics that can help enterprises' transition to mobile internet.” Often seen as being similar to Twitter in the way it promotes a micro-blogging format, Weibo has 100 million messages posted every day in China, with around a 30% penetration rate. Due to the high amount of usage, the new deal will enable advertisers to accurately target large audiences online more successfully.