WeChat's Mini-Apps Fail To Capture Imagination Of Users

WeChat's recently-released 'mini programs' are failing to capture the imagination of users. The small apps, which don't need to be downloaded by users, were launched two months ago, and have seen a sharp decline in usage. A recent report published by iiMedia also said that the main reason users were giving up on the apps was the lack of choice available compared to normal, downloadable apps. It was also revealed that only 10% of developers who have already launched a mini program will continue to develop them, whilst 70% have no plans to continue with them, or have even given up on them completely. George Borrelli, the founder of Hangzhou Plus, said that the main issue was that the mini programs were “hard to open and find for new users”, adding that users had to be taught how to download and open them. It was suggested by one industry professional that to make the idea work, Tencent should “give them unique functions [such as] better access to smart devices”.