Webinar: The Latin American and US Hispanic markets

The US Hispanic market is a continually evolving and growing segment of the US population. It represents vast opportunities for global brands; however, many companies targeting the US Hispanic market are not always aware of the growth potential that Latin American markets offer or how to reach those audiences effectively.

This recording from a webinar from September 2020 will focus on selecting the right strategies when it comes to targeting these challenging yet lucrative markets. With the majority of Latin American markets sharing one common language, this webinar will help you determine how to tackle language variations and which language to use when targeting this region. It will also share information on potential pitfalls to avoid and will provide actionable insights into consumer behaviour.

You will learn what you can expect when expanding into these markets, including such elements as the level of technology usage, data analysis and customer loyalty.

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • the complexities of the target language for the US Hispanic segment and Latin American region and how to tackle language variations successfully
  • Universal Spanish and how to avoid pitfalls when localising and adapting content for a Spanish speaking audience
  • actionable insights into the technical aspects of managing the local language content of a website
  • consumer insights for Latin American markets