Webinar: International student recruitment

The higher education industry has faced a lot of changes recently. However, the rapid shift to virtual learning makes education providers' online presence more important than ever!

Whilst face-to-face interaction is important for student recruitment, online strategies are becoming more and more successful. This is particularly the case for education providers who are looking to increase their number of international students.

This video recording from a webinar from August 2020 will focus on selecting advertising channels in the higher education industry. It will help you determine which search and social marketing tactics will be the most effective for your student recruitment efforts, both in local and international markets.

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • an overview of international student recruitment for the higher education sector
  • key differences between domestic and international advertising
  • how to approach international social media advertising in the education sector
  • when and how to use paid media to reach prospective international students