Webinar: How to manage an international site migration

Migrating a website is a very complex and critical project. There is lots to take into account and there can be huge implications on traffic and revenue if it is not done well.

It is a project that requires the input and support of many teams and stakeholders. Strong collaboration and shared purpose ensure that business goals are met and digital performance does not suffer.

In this recording of a webinar from September 2022, Sanja Markovic (SEO Specialist at Webcertain) and Evelyn Hodgson (Head of Brand at Portakabin) share their perspectives of managing and delivering a successful international website migration.

Evelyn led the migration of nine country websites into one .com website, so can share practical advice on how marketing leads can work with the SEO team and the wider business to hit project goals, stay on time and on budget and maintain global online performance.

Sanja has seven years of SEO experience and has delivered successful website migrations for clients across a range of industries and markets. She shares the essential steps to take to mitigate the risk to traffic and sales, and how project leads can work with SEOs to ensure a smooth and effective process.

Taking you through the three stages of migration – from pre, during and post – Sanja and Evelyn's combined expertise will give you the knowledge and frameworks you need to feel confident in delivering a successful website migration.