Webinar: How to create a global content strategy

Imagine this: You are doing really great with your local market organic efforts. Everything is in place, your goals are set, and you know exactly how to plan your yearly SEO KPIs.

But suddenly, the CEO wants to scale to new markets, ones that you do not know at all, or cannot even read their local content.

How do you implement a proper international content strategy? What tools do you need to use? What teams or resources can help you?

In this recording of a webinar from May 2021, guest speaker Liraz Postan discusses practical tips for how to create a winning content strategy for international SEO.

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • an introduction to international content strategy
  • the difference between translation and localisation
  • how to put a winning localisation strategy in place
  • how to use internal resources to help you succeed