Webinar: How to attract international students online

2020 was a challenging and disruptive year for the education sector. The global health crisis pushed universities to turn to an almost purely online strategy for student marketing, recruitment and enrolment.

This recording of a webinar from February 2021 will look at the pivotal shift to online enrolment, provide tips on how to adapt to an online enrolment cycle, as well as list the best online platforms for higher education institutions.

Whether you are just starting to focus on boosting your international student body, or simply want to improve your existing efforts, this webinar is a must for any educational institution wanting to attract more international students.

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • the pivotal shift to online student marketing, recruitment and enrolment
  • why it is important for educational institutions to have an online presence
  • how to adapt to an increasingly online student enrolment cycle
  • the best platforms for international promotion and student marketing