Webinar: E-commerce on social media

Online shopping has never been more popular. With full or partial lockdowns affecting many countries around the world, e-commerce has risen to the challenge and proven to be a convenient, effective and safe way for people to shop.

Social media is something that e-commerce brands can leverage to boost sales. If you are an e-commerce business and social media e-commerce is not already part of your strategy, you should seriously consider it.

This recording of a webinar from February 2021 will look at the current social media e-commerce landscape and how it is expected to develop in 2021. You will learn how to create a successful e-commerce strategy on three key social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Whether you are new to selling on social media, or whether you just want to improve your existing efforts, this webinar is a must for any brand wanting to boost their international sales using social media.

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • the current social media e-commerce landscape
  • what is new and upcoming for social media e-commerce in 2021
  • how to build a successful e-commerce strategy for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest