Webinar: Digital marketing strategy for 2022

2021, like 2020 before it, has been a unique and challenging year for digital marketers, with many having to reassess and readjust their tactics. But as the year comes to a close, you can look forward to 2022 with optimism and start preparing your approach.

In this recording of a webinar from December 2021, we talk about what trends we can see in digital marketing during the coming year and how you can implement and take advantage of them. We also discuss the best tactics and platforms to include in your strategy and the markets that show the most potential as you look to expand internationally.

With the knowledge and data-driven insights you will receive in this webinar, you will be better prepared to make digital strategy decisions and turn 2022 into a very successful year!

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • trends and challenges in digital marketing for 2022
  • what tactics you should incorporate into your strategy
  • the most promising international markets in 2022