Webinar: Cultural differences between markets

More and more brands are expanding globally online. Whilst international markets represent lucrative opportunities for the growth and expansion of your customer base, the cultural differences in consumer behaviour can make it challenging and, if got wrong, create a lasting and powerful negative impact. However, when a brand understands the culture surrounding its target audience, the results can be remarkable!

Based on Webcertain's Online Consumer Behaviour Report, this video recording from a webinar from September 2020 explores international markets and the unique cultural nuances that are vital to consider when expanding globally. Research based on Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory has been taken to the next level to explore how cultural differences impact online behaviour.

This webinar recording will uncover which cultural dimensions to consider when targeting international markets and how to incorporate those differences in a successful global digital marketing campaign.

From watching this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • an overview of the key cultural dimensions that impact online behaviour
  • the relevance of culture in international digital marketing campaigns
  • an in-depth look into key global markets and their unique cultural differences
  • how to translate the findings into a successful global digital marketing strategy