Web Alliance Over Net Neutrality

A multitude of large internet companies have formed an alliance against plans to change US laws around net neutrality. Earlier this year, the country's communications regulator voted to remove a rule that prevented companies from being able to pay for data prioritisation, otherwise known as 'throttling'. The companies involved in the protest against the change involve some of the internet's most visited sites, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Reddit, amongst other big names. They argue that bringing back throttling would erode net neutrality, stifle online innovation and dampen any investment in the telecom industry. All in all, it is thought that around 80,000 websites will be taking part in the protest, which will involve visitors to the sites being presented with a variety of messages demonstrating the effects of the proposed law. It is hoped that by doing this, members of the public will become fully aware of the differences that will come if throttling is brought back.