VistaJet Embraces Conversational Commerce In China

The aviation company VistaJet has embraced conversational commerce as a marketing strategy in China. Conversational commerce is the practice of letting customers interact with company representatives and make purchases from within a messaging app. VistaJet has opened an account on the popular Chinese social media app WeChat and says that customers will be able to chat to representatives who will help them to book flights, request Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking cabin crew and order dining options. A VistaJet spokesperson commented on the new strategy, saying: “Launching a WeChat service is a huge opportunity to allow people to talk to our team – anytime, anywhere – and enable us to provide Chinese customers with the best experience in the industry.” WeChat is the most popular social network in China. It has almost 900 million monthly active users and was just declared “stickier” than Facebook, with the average WeChat user spending 66 minutes a day on the app, compared to Facebook's 50 minutes.