US Tops Table For Voice Technology Usage Worldwide

The US has been found to be the country with the highest average usage of voice technology. A study into smartphone users by JWT and Mindshare Futures discovered that 49% of US respondents used their voice assistants on a weekly basis, compared to a 31% global average. The study also found evidence that international users have not had positive experiences with the technology, with nearly one in five people saying they had only used it once or twice, compared to one in ten in the US. US users were also more likely to use voice assistants to complete online searches, check the weather and find a local business. In order to take advantage of such high numbers in the US, brands such as L'Oreal are investing in the technology. The company estimates that by the end of 2018, 20% of all searches will be through voice search, adding that Amazon Alexa represents an “interesting opportunity” that it plans to be at “the forefront of”.