US Tech Giants Invest In European Data Centres

Multiple American tech giants are looking to invest large amounts of money in the European cloud computing market. In order to become large players in keeping data in the continent, both Amazon and Microsoft are spending billions of dollars on opening multiple data centres in many of the major online markets. Currently the largest company in the sector, Amazon Web Services recently revealed that it would be opening several data centres in the UK and France, to add to its new multi-million dollar compound in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, Microsoft said recently that it had invested one billion US dollars in the past year in order to expand its current European-based cloud services. Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO, said “we're building our global cloud infrastructure in Europe so it can be trusted by the multiple constituents”. The move from these businesses is thought to come in response to the multiple European regulatory issues that have ensured that European data stays within Europe, and cannot be sent to the US to be viewed by law enforcement. The news comes as Yahoo faces controversy after admitting to searching its users' email accounts on behalf of US government agencies, such as the NSA and the FBI.