US Hispanic Web Population Falls Behind Rest Of America

US Hispanics are still lagging behind the rest of the US population when it comes to internet penetration, according to research by eMarketer. Currently, 79.8% of US Hispanics use the internet, compared to 83.7% of the general US population. This gap is predicted to remain until at least 2021. Furthermore, Hispanics use the internet differently in terms of language. A spokesperson from Univision has rebutted the misconception that US Hispanics always use English online, saying that they search in whichever language is most appropriate for what they are searching for. Separate pieces of research from Yahoo and Latinum Network back up this statement. 54% of third-generation US Hispanics actively seek out online content that is tailored to them as Hispanic. Additionally, amongst bilingual Hispanics, 69% say that the majority of the videos they watch are in Spanish, with 62% saying the same for written online content.