UK Is Biggest Driver Of Site Traffic From Social Media

According to research from Adobe, the UK is the largest driver of website traffic through social engagement. Adobe's Europe Best of the Best 2015 Report said that UK brands drove the most consumers on to webpages through social media, with the average website traffic rate being 4.6%. Compared to this, German brands only achieved a rate of 0.5%, whilst French brands achieved 0.69%. Another section of the study looked at the amount of brands in each country that used social media, with Sweden coming out on top, with 33% using Snapchat and 51% using Instagram, making them the most “socially savvy”. Meanwhile, the UK led the way again with 45% of brands using Twitter, whilst in France a massive 92% used Facebook; the most widely used platform across the continent. Facebook was the most effective platform, with 90% of consumers saying they used it to follow their favourite brands.